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April 14, 2017
WONCA News – April 2017
The latest WONCA News (April 2017) is accessible via the WONCA website, with lots of WONCA news, views and events.From the President
This month, Professor Amanda Howe reports on her recent visit to Xiamen in China, where she attended the meeting of the Cross Straits Group, a WONCA Member Organization. She also reports on the WONCA Eastern Mediterranean Region conference in Abu Dhabi in early March.WONCA Rural Health Conference
Later this month the WONCA Rural Health conference will take place in Cairns, Australia (29th April to 1st May). This month’s WONCA News has an article giving four great reasons why you shouldn’t miss this important event, and it also highlights the excellent keynote speakers lined up.Rural Health Crisis in Northern Ireland: Story goes Viral
Sticking with rural health matters, in recent weeks a story on the Primary Care crisis in Northern Ireland, written by our colleague Michael Smyth, has stimulated enormous discussion on the WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice Google group. As Michael writes for WONCA News:
“it is a commentary of recent events in General Practice as they happen in Northern Ireland. It is a difficult situation and is being played out mainly in rural areas initially as these seem to be the most vulnerable. They are for the most part unavoidably small and the demographics is that many, especially in my area have GPs over 55 years and approaching retirement. On retirement, there are no younger doctors interested in taking over responsibility for the practices. I hope this is helpful in demonstrating the difficulties faced in rural practices as part of the NHS.” WONCA Working Party on Education: Cairns and Prague Workshops
Finally for this week, and at least in part continuing the Cairns theme, Val Wass, Chair of WONCA’s Working Party on Education, summarises the group’s planned activities at the next two WONCA conferences – the world rural conference in Cairns in late April, and WONCA Europe in Prague in late June. The workshops planned for both Cairns and Prague are listed, and there is a warm invitation to attend for anyone who is interested.


March 8, 2017

WONCA Member Organizations 4th March 2017

Dear colleagues,


I write to share exciting news. WONCA has set up a Global Jobs Board on our website for all Member Organizations and their members to use – and it’s free of charge for a limited time. This provides the opportunity to advertise relevant job opportunities to a truly GLOBAL audience in excess of half a million medical professionals.   Visit the site via or at

The site has just been launched and features listings from a number of prominent employment agencies, medical centres and practitioners seeking family doctors and support staff. It also features a live jobs feed from The British Medical Journal.

We are keen to offer you the opportunity to advertise all relevant vacancies you may have with us at NO CHARGE until May 31, 2017.  In order to take advantage of this offer simply use the code  globaljobsfree1 when moving through to the Payment Page, when placing an employment advert.

You can view our tutorial or visit the FAQ tab on the homepage   For further information on placing these adverts or if you have any questions please contact Megan Voo at [email protected]

We have developed this site in response to feedback from our members, and are very excited about this new dimension to the service we provide.   The driving force behind this strategy has been to serve our members even better; they will now be able to access this information on at a website already known and trusted by them, as a reliable source relating to global family medicine. We believe that this method of advertising job opportunities represents great value and will be highly effective in producing results for all stakeholders.

We hope that you and your members will take full advantage of this opportunity and join us to make this new service to the WONCA community a huge success.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Garth Manning
Chief Executive Officer


Le Secteur des Médecins Généralistes est peu organisé ,La Formation Médicale Continue est coûteuse et non adaptée,D’où la nécessité d’instaurer une nouvelle dynamique dans la profession médicale, C’est alors en 2003 à Casablanca

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